And the wind begins to moan

I need to read.

I’ve been doing so.

But this isn’t the same.

For there’s no time.

To think about what I’ve been reading.

And ah!

It sucks.

That wasn’t a poem.

If it was, it’s definitely not a good one.

I’ve once gotten the worst lit score (4/20) for a poem test in the entire cohort during secondary two.

I’m glad I did not study engineering.

But that does not mean that I’m happy with my current choice.

I swear, I would thrive in a communist regime. See, when I have too many choices, it’s my own fault if I make the wrong one. I am much better when decisions have been made for me. It not only gives me the right to complain, but a sense that I’ve had to overcome overwhelming odds in the struggle to become the success that I am.

– Megan McCafferty

What’s your first impression of Siqi?

Did she look approachable?

Or did she give off a ‘get the hell away from me or I’ll skin you alive’ vibe?

LOL kidding.

This is a trashy post. Apparently.

Well then, good night.

But heyyyy please answer my question people! Approachable or arrogant?


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