How long has it been?

I miss pottery so much.

The feeling of clay in my hands. Waaaaah.

One’s perspectives can change drastically within a single year, not to mention three.

And then, what if the cycle repeats?

Expectations, the root to all misery. Frankly speaking, I no longer have confidence nor courage. LOL just joking. Since when did I even had any of those. Not even a minute amount. Tsk.

I am in serious need for Dor’s hourglass. It’s funny that the moral (or so I think) of The Timekeeper is to ‘learn to live in the present’ and as a reader who understands the moral, I really shouldn’t be lusting after Dor’s hourglass. But I can’t stop. Give me the hourglass and nobody gets hurt!

But when people all around you aren’t, how could you? How do you? How would you?

If I had the universal remote control from Click, I’d pause and rewind more often than fast-forward.
Sudden thought: What’ll happen if one presses the ‘stop’ button? Will they die? Instantly?



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