$ – The Unit of Success

How, exactly, is a man’s success being quantified?

Some say by the assets that one possess. Some disagree. But it seems as if deep down, even the ones who object, are measuring their own success with the methods of others. That’s kind of sad.

You measure length with a ruler, volume with a measuring cylinder, weight with a balance, diameter with a vernier calliper, temperature with a thermometer. What tools and units you use greatly depends on the variable that you want to measure.

One doesn’t just set a fixed method of measurement and unit to measure everything in the world.

Think: Measuring mass with a thermometer in centimetres.

Funny, right?

To some, money is their everything. Therefore, to these people, achieving success can only mean gaining a mountain of wealth or mastering the abilities to acquire great fortune.

But everyone has different goals in life. The unit of success shouldn’t be limited to the $.


Don’t you dare measure my values with your unit. If you aren’t capable of accepting, or even, tolerating, my method of measurement, then, at the very least, please stop conforming me into yours. It is all that I beg of you.


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