Negativity aside,


This space had been brutally abused by its terrible owner recently, what with all the depressing stuff. Hmph. Sorry blog, your owner loves you very much. Here are some consolation to make up for the bad treatment.

-inserts rainbows and unicorns and confetti and lots of love-

 photo IMG_2972_zps8b6086ec.jpg

Ooops, ugly unicorns will just have to do :p

 photo IMG_2898_zpscf97ada5.jpg

Mr. Advertisement Fanboy with his beloved 乌龟弟弟

 photo IMG_3008_zpsaac87d66.jpg

My favourite caifan from FC2. I still have not gotten over the fact that this costed only $1.80!!!!!!!!!!

-enters mode of frenzy-

 photo IMG_3032_zps74304cdf.jpg

Bom bom time = Happy binbin

 photo IMG_3033_zps66224ca5.jpg

The oh-so-yummy apple strudel from Australia. Many thanks to Tiwi’s gorgor 🙂

 photo 724a6e16-54ad-41f5-b5fb-e09514b5a35f_zps8e8f0309.jpg

Severely edited photograph of me and one of my favourite persons on Earth. Because this was taken in a toilet hahahaahahaha.

 photo IMG_3086_zpsfc7cda6b.jpg

Wenjin & Eugene’s 21st birthday celebration.


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