Yum, yum! The bio-rad sds-page mini gel casting apparatus was surprisingly crunchy. Same goes for those microscope slides. Omnomnomnom.


I was a cell being viewed under a fluorescence microscope. A shy one, perhaps. Or merely another successfully transfected cell. For I was expressing Red Fluorescence Protein.

Aw, stop looking! *blush*


Chanced a small talk with Mr. Centrifuge on my way out of the lab yesterday evening.
Note: He was holding a rack of midiprep cultures.


Mr. Centrifuge dumped the rack into my hands and demanded that I finish up the midiprep before leaving for home. Flustered by the sudden workload and anxiety of not being able to go home early, I screwed up. TOP10 competent cell culture spilled all over my lab coat.


Upset at the thought of not being able to wash the soiled lab coat over the weekends as I’ve got to work on Sunday.




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