Was supposed to be typing out the severely overdue materials and methods which I’d promised Hamtaro two weeks ago. Ended up listening to all the NDP theme songs from 1998 and reminiscing the good old times. Oh god, I do sound like a granny ._.”

Favourites: Home. Where I Belong. We Will Get There. One United People.

Those were from our primary school days! Like wow, we’re so old already.

I think the new(er) NDP songs are okay, not that bad. But because we no longer sing it together (like in primary school) so there’s not really a special feel to it for the 90’s kids. Hehe. And this year, the song wasn’t being aired during commercial breaks either so yeah… I’m not even sure what my point is.

Okay, back to August.

National Day Parade! Oh boy, I do miss the tough footdrill trainings every week, wiggling our toes to circulate blood around our bodies while kiwi on our boots melts from the sun’s radiation. And combined uniformed group drills session, mass sizing up, besurai turn check bang check let’s go home YEAH! I truly miss those times.

As for the one on TV, I can’t wait to see the belok. The belok! It’s the thing I look forward to most every year (apart from the fireworks and aircraft show). Perhaps because we’ve never been able to produce a satisfactory one.

So, August. I think September looks nicer than you hahaha. Okay. Ta-ta.


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