Friendship. It’s a two way thing. What makes you think that it is okay for you to occasionally show face reply to a few selected whatsapp messages once in a blue moon and let everyone fawn over your short-lived presence then disappear for another eleven and a half months or so?

You are busy. I get it. Aren’t we all?

But if you aren’t even willing to, why are we still hankering after or holding on to that tiny ray of hope that you’ll fork out that few oh so precious minutes of yours?

What am I even upset at?

I don’t know anything anymore.

Anyway, I don’t understand why some people would wish someone ‘Happy Birthday’ on a group chat. It’s kinda like peer pressure chain reaction or something and usually ends up with everyone else in the chat wishing the person too even if they don’t really mean it. Idk if I were the one receiving these wishes, I’d be mighty upset.

And… nevermind.

Good night.


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