“Look at my tooth!” & other stories

 photo c63f1374-6a3b-459f-b605-b350394c3324_zpsfa0c1353.jpg

Binbin’s single tooth hahaha!

 photo IMG_3203_zpsd10677c2.jpg

Neat Japanese notes. A pity it’s no longer in use teehee :p

 photo 6ab71db6-7ac9-4dc2-bf70-ae72da89ab10_zps052b4624.jpg

True Story.

 photo IMG_3132_zps44436b89.jpg

Hello, Penguin! You have the “Mother of God” meme face hahaha.
Finished Pride & Prejudice ^^v I like it.

 photo IMG_2740_zps8ac1afbe.jpg

Finding Nemo…… in a Cell Biology journal. Marlin never thought to look there huh.

 photo IMG_2833_zps93d9e51f.jpg

2010 Chinese New Year goodie from Chua Shin Yin AKA Cai Shen Ye.

 photo IMG_2845_zps7770c32e.jpg

And finally, a self-portrait. HAHA.


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