Some things to be happy about:

1. Class badminton session last Friday
2. Laughing more than we were playing
3. Hitting a few backhand shots!
5. Some antibodies working w/o the need of BSA
7. Dinner with Kaiying!!!
8. New pencils
6. Daiqian-stalking activity (hehehe)
9. Having an adorable nephew

Some guy from the lab told me I work too hard. Some guys actually. Mr. Gate Opener and Mr. Helpful. And DGG, from home.

But what to do, internship is ending soon and I’m still only about ~55% done with FYP. Haven’t even started on the report or slides (lol) waaaah. Gotta buck up. Besides, I do enjoy the sense of accomplishment everyday. Such simple life, I could live with it. That being said, I’d still really like some cool down time to recharge batteries in between extended work periods. Haaaaa :p

Forgot to bring a hair-tie to work yesterday and couldn’t find cheapo red rubber bands anywhere. Spent 23 minutes trying to gather hair up with a pencil as suggested by Ms. Dai, but didn’t have the courage to walk around biopolis looking like an escapee from IMH. HAHAHA. Luckily, I plucked up enough courage to sought help from Mr. Helpful. Phew.

Although there’s like 0.000% chance of Mr. Gate Opener and/or Mr. Helpful seeing this, still… thank you for letting me in before 0830, thank you for the rubber bands and sorry for not being able to help with the ethidium bromide ^^”

If you’ve noticed that the numbers on the list at the start of this post are not in proper sequence, good for you, Mr. or Ms. Observant 🙂


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