包大人 turned out to be my block neighbour (!!!) We walked to the MRT together.

Done with One Shot. I… didn’t really like it.

Joey fell down a flight of stairs.


We visited her at TTSH that evening. Thankfully, she was alright.

Accidentally called Mr. Centrifuge without even realizing it while I was trying to dial JingTing up at the hospital. Awkwardness & embarrassment engulfed my entire soul when he called back.

I learnt that Biomedical Science is, and I quote, “quite high up there”. WTH, so you are meaning to say that Civil Engineering is “quite low down there”? You should really get your emotional quotient checked, sucker.

It was raining on my way home. I tried opening my umbrella but it wouldn’t budge (-_-“) So I had to walk in the drizzle. All was well except that the rain transformed into a downpour when I was stuck at the traffic light and the stupid umbrella still wouldn’t open. Then, Ms. Ribena came to the rescue!

– – – Translated from Mandarin – – –

Auntie: *shelters me with her umbrella* Are you okay?

Me: My umbrella wouldn’t open! *shakes the useless thing desperately*

Auntie: Here, take this! *hands me one of her three brand new ribena umbrellas*

Me: Huh! Where do you live???

Auntie: *raises eyebrow* Bishan!

Auntie: Aiya, just take it!

Me: Thank you thank you thank you \(TvT)/

Auntie: No problem, don’t mention it!

 photo IMG_3395_zpsb88f8ed6.jpg

I was so grateful! 感激不尽。

Upon reaching home, I ran through the above conversation a few times in my head and realized that I sounded pretty funny asking the auntie where she stayed. What I was really trying to ask was, “Oh no, how, then, do I return it to you?”.

I guess my brain and mouth needs to attend some team-building workshop.

Even though it was a chilly night, Ms. Ribena’s kind gesture really warmed my heart 🙂


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