San Francisco

On second thoughts, I should really record this experience somewhere. So here goes.


Changi Airport Social Tree


Was comfortably sandwiched between Daiqian & Junfeng throughout the 16-hours flight to San Francisco (stop-over at Hong Kong). Well, not that comfortable per se (the seat was narrow as hell) but the company was unexpectedly nice.

Day One – Recovery

So anyway, after the longest ever Friday of our lives, we reached SF within four hours (travelled through time, heh). Had lunch at a Shang Hai restaurant before checking into Clarion Hotel, Concord. Washed up a bit then had a buffet dinner and explored Target.

Cheap, pretty and delicious strawberries from Target for supper with Daiqian

Day Two – California Academy of Sciences

There was really nothing much to see. The Golden Gate Park was amazing though.

The weather, the flowers, the grass, the skies, everything was so pretty! SO PRETTY!

Day Three – The Exploratorium

It was a really fun place, lots of interactive things to play with. The most memorable part has got to be the foxwalking station 🙂

Day Four – UC Berkeley

Squashed behind the one-way mirror, observing the Year Two medical students doing PBL.

Lepaking around campus and enjoying the cool breeze after lunch at McDonald’s

After another round of observation (this time the Year Ones), we had a small chat with some of the students at Jupiter’s Bar and Grill. The place was really nice, I would love to visit again some time if I ever have a chance.

Day Five – UC Berkeley & Sausalito

Campus tour, this school is BIG.

Didn’t take much photos because I was too busy panting and trying to take in the beautiful scenery with my eyes. After lunch (Topdog hotdog), we went sight-seeing at Sausalito.

Somehow I look like Medusa hahaha

Pretty little cable car

Awesome grass that can never be found (naturally) in Singapore. I wanna roll around in it!


Day Six – UC Berkeley & Stanford University

Last visit to Berkeley. We had informal lunch with the students there and then sat in their “interaction with seniors” session (please pardon me, I’m not quite sure what it’s being called). Next up was Stanford! We spent 2 hours plus getting there by bus.

Attended the SPARK programme. Dinnered at some Chinese Duck Restaurant and the only food with duck (and only its bones) was the soup. LOL.

Day Seven – Stanford University

Campus tour. If UC Berkeley was BIG, Stanford was GINORMOUS.

LOL at Yijing’s Mongolian head-wear

Had lunch at the Stanford Hospital cafeteria before visiting Dr. Jeffrey Glenn’s lab. I think ITP has really helped me in my understanding of how experiments in the lab works. It feels nice to see familiar sights such as the ThermoScientific timer (lol) and some other stuff like eppendorf tubes or serological pipette (if that even makes sense). Sorry, nerd talk.

Day Eight – Gilroy Premium Outlets

It was a nerve-wrecking, pocket burning day 😦

Day Nine – Silicon Valley

Intel Museum

Outside Cisco. We got chased away by a sassy security guard :O

A gift from Jeff LOL

Tech Museum – How the computer sees me :O

Day Ten – Lombard Street . Golden Gate Bridge . Fisherman’s Wharf . Union Square

Camera went out of battery (forgot to charge) and so had to whip out the iPhone. Sadly, the sun in SF was so bright that 99.999% of the time I can’t see what I’m taking pictures of. Hahaah, so random snapping was what I did. And I ended up finding this photo of a couple taking selfies in my phone LOLOLOL.

Lunched at a Chinese place once again (-_-“) And can I add that I am SO envious of Daiqian’s iron bladder?!!! It’s like the water she drinks goes into my bladder or something LOLOLOL. Hmph!


I really love the signboards and street lamps and stuff in SF. So unique and original and creative.

Fat sea lions

Didn’t sleep for the whole of that night, stayed up chatting with Daiqian, Thamil & Melvin.

Day Eleven – Packing Up & Flight Home

In the morning, I experienced my first ‘out of body’ experience. It’s like everything was so distant, yet my senses felt like they were being overwhelmed. Didn’t really register what was happening around me. Everything was like a dream. I learnt from Daiqian that this was called “being high”.

In-N-Out burger for lunch. Didn’t enjoy it as much as I guess I would have done so being sober.

Slept for an hour before bathing and final packing then left the hotel at 6pm for dinner. The flight home was an enjoyable one. The plane was much more comfortable as compared to the one we came in and I was so tired I managed to snooze almost all the way 😀

Photo credits: Friends from Facebook.

I did it, I blogged. Not the best I can do but at least I wrote some stuff down so that in case I ever forget, I can still refer back.

Just now as I was heading home, a bug flew towards my ear, landed on my neck and bit the front of my throat. Ugh. 3 hours later, I can still feel the bug on my neck @_@ Now I think I know how the expression ‘it bugs me’ came about.

Okay end of story. Gotta go bathe and do laundry and pack souvenirs for tomorrow. Goodbye.


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