News of the Biopolis Foodcourt renovation prompted me to start trying out food from stalls other than ban mian and cai fan.

Yesterday, I got myself a rather decent plate of chicken chop with spaghetti:


Pasta was really good, though the chicken chop itself was slightly oily. But it was huge and well worth the $4.50.

As I was enjoying lunch, with Dorian propped up against my water bottle, a guy came and settled down at the table next to mine. I took a quick peek at what he was having (oooh… chicken cutlet) then returned my attention to Dorian.

From the corner of my eye, I could see the guy performing some kind of ritual on his lunch. Out of curiosity, I looked up from my book and the sight of him attempting to squeeze oil out from his cutlet with a c-fold towel (or a paper napkin) greeted me. He then proceeded to remove all the fried bits of the poor chicken, before taking his cleansing act to a new level by mutilating his food even further.

My expression as I turned back to my half-eaten chicken chop (which was oozing with oil): (._.)!!!

Try imagining the guy’s horror if he were to see me enjoying the savoury goodness (or oily gunk, in his eyes) on my plate. Hehehe.

Ran 2.4 with classmates yesterday and the day before. In spite of the fact that the timings achieved would guarantee me a F, I’m still proud of myself. After all, slowing down by only 5 mins after three years of not running ain’t thaaaaaaat bad, right? *self-delusional*


I have a great dislike for people who complains about their being fat, yet does nothing to change the fact.

Fine, I get it that you find yourself unsightly. What are you gonna do about it?

A. Complain
B. Diet or work out

The choice is yours.

You don’t have to run five clicks everyday to work out. A simple routine of 20 sit-ups every night or 10 laps at the pool once per week or even a game of badminton (or other stuff, like catching hehe) with your friends would do the trick.

And eating. No one is telling you to starve yourself. Just have enough discipline to stay away from sinful stuff. (Note: It is not quite possible hahaha) Perhaps then, you might want to reward yourself with a small treat after having successfully refrained from “hell foods” for a period of time.

Please don’t tell me that I won’t understand what you are going through just because I’m skinny. Hey, I used to be fat too! And skinny people have their insecurities too. I, myself, shudder at the thought of ever returning to that phase :s

So, quit moving only your mouth and start doing something. Else, please just shut up and deal with it. No one can help you if you don’t help yourself first.



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