This was supposed to be a proper post about FYP, but.

Used to give such explicit details of my stupid life. Haven’t been able to afford such luxury ever since poly began. Today, I wanted to give a proper update. One with pictures, proper sentences and the likes. Record of events big or small, all the nitty-gritty details over the past few weeks (or months?).

I can’t.

Stop worrying.

Started out this post wanting to write about post-FYP and ITP thoughts and stuff. Look where I ended up. Do you see my point?

All this free time I’ve been craving for, but can’t seem to handle now that I’ve finally got my hands on. Chasing. I really have no idea what I am doing with this insignificant life of mine. Living and having to conform is terrible. I can’t wait to die.

On a lighter note, it’s December. And snowing on my blog. Advent Calendar and all-time favourite carol. Cosy weather. Gonna curl up in bed with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde tonight. At least for this week. Conscience, please take a well-deserved break. Rubbish words jumping in head. Nonsensical stuff. I want to eat mangosteens so badly 😦


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