Another long recount…

…starting from IMCB internship, let’s go!

A few months ago:

 photo itp1_zpsfd780662.png

If you wanna know what happened two days after the tiny blurb above, click here.

So anyway, it’s been eight months since the above link. I’d say the 1.5 semester long ITP + FYP was a pretty enjoyable period of my polytechnic journey despite the lack of pay. Turned out that I didn’t suffer as badly as I thought I’d have without prior reading-up on prostate cancer or transposons. That being said, it was because I was lucky to have had an extremely nice supervisor and lab P.I.

Being the blur cok that I am, naturally, I’ve made countless stupid mistakes throughout my time in IMCB. (Read: passaging cells without passaging them, spoiling stuff, remembering submission dates wrong, etc.) But Ailing was still so patient with me, I cannot be more grateful. Dr. Ban, albeit being a tad talkative, was very understanding too. He’s so smart and fast, yet still ever so willing to rack his brains for simple analogies to aid our understanding. Suming and Peikun are also two people who I (and the lab) couldn’t have lived without (although technically speaking, the lab wasn’t living in the first place… but you get the point). Then, around mid-july or so, came a NUS honors student named Melanie. We hit off really well and although I can’t express how much her presence in the KB lab meant to me, just keep in mind that she’s been my working motivation ever since πŸ™‚ (not that I am lesbian or whatever, LOL) Lastly, Huifang from NYP who came around October and have been sharing the same desk with Melanie and I ever since.

People from PRK lab also made ITP enjoyable for me. Let’s start with Dr. Kaldis, the P.I whom I thought looked somewhat like Hitler. A quick Google search tells me he is indeed from Germany and that he got his phd the year we were born (wow). Matias, the random Argentine who always sings and tries to converse in japanese. Aurelie, pretty and friendly girl from France. Kasim, cute angmoh uncle who I am too afraid to speak to because he looks very strict but I found him cute because his lab coat pocket shows “Kasim ❀ ❀ ❀ PRK" and he's like forever in the lab so his presence was really comforting to me whenever I had to OT. Zakiah, girl with the cheerful smile. Xavier, a shy dude imo. Koumar, another friendly uncle who's almost forever in the lab too. Lakshimi, nice lady from the back bench. Radek, a very focused guy.

Other people include: Isaia, or Mr. Centrifuge. Mr. Gate Opener (lol, I've never inquired his name before). Friendly WB lady. Funny dark room guy. Caifan uncle and Banmian auntie.

The last few weeks in IMCB was crazy. Sudden realization that the positive control haven't been working all along because of the late arrival of the oh-so-important KRAS antibodies and also, retarded Siqi got her submission dates wrongly. Expanded cells for nothing because 9/10 flasks got contaminated and then ended up wasting media and flasks because immunofluorescence would only end on Thursday while report's due the next day. Sleeping at 9pm and waking at 2am everyday. I felt so apologetic and thankful to KB lab people 😦 But thank goodness we survived!

The week of presentation preparation was the best! πŸ˜€

Thamil, Junfeng, Melvin and I managed to save Khairul's presentation (Read: Cell died in mitosis) LOL. And I am very grateful for their help too. I'm glad we all did alright for presentation and Q&A. We then had lunch at Bugis pastamania and subsequently robbed Junfeng of his virgin kbox experience LOL.

Okay, that’s the end of ITP & FYP. Moving on to social gatherings…

NAPFA. Trained twice with the classmates a week before the fitness test for the sake of training before the test. I was fully prepared to fail the 2.4km run so it came as a pleasant surprise when I passed and even managed to get a bronze. Well, couldn’t have done it without the nice tester too πŸ™‚

Our class then went to have zi char dinner/supper after.

 photo IMG_4792_zps9ac78294.jpg

 photo IMG_4793_zpsaea332f7.jpg

 photo d4715b38-d5a1-465f-822b-86598a3bc239_zpsb03d7af2.jpg

 photo bc29ad94-1874-4118-b76b-70c24f4e65a4_zps40e9c1d8.jpg

All the tired but happy faces hahaha.

Meet-up with Kow and Riju!

 photo 364743d4-06df-43a7-8c1a-7e7b6880f34f_zpsc96b4111.jpg

Meet-up with Triangle!

 photo caf1a704-42fe-4b93-9de5-eef532778dd2_zps720fbff3.jpg

 photo cd0db0da-74f8-48ee-bafd-2bd5dfbb4dac_zps2d25634b.jpg

 photo IMG_4991_zps3faa9029.jpg

 photo IMG_4997_zps73930835.jpg

 photo IMG_5011_zps6edeeb2e.jpg

They came down specially to Star Vista for me ^v^

 photo a35d1692-914c-4bed-afbd-a9c54d547eb4_zpsacb0ceb7.jpg

Cute and yummy cookies from Melanie which saved me during one of my weekend OT session in IMCB

 photo 2a612167-4f7f-4630-9296-c4200d864952_zps582c8f8a.jpg

That was also the day when Melanie and I chanced upon Dr. Ban’s thesis and the shocking revelation that she had the same first name as Mrs. Ban. HAHAHA.

There are two types of researchers in our class, hehe.

Feeling crafty so…

 photo IMG_5163_zps15bcff70.jpg

A piece of drawing which I am immensely proud of ^^

 photo IMG_5171_zps1b883f6c.jpg

 photo IMG_5190_zpsefa7074b.jpg

I totally ruined the card with my poor judgement of materials and their colours :<

 photo 87c80ac1-a57c-4d68-a4e1-ffab4a4fea49_zps4da34460.jpg

Fall in! Gift-shopping with a laptop ain’t fun, my arms almost got detached from the torso. I got up at 3am to wrap these HAHAHA. Crazy much. My sleeping habits, I meant.

Last Saturday, we went back to school to help each other out with our presentations. After the library closed, we headed over to FC5. As the water cooler there was spoilt, Daiqian, Junfeng and I had to go to the gym to get our bottles filled. So we shun bian went to measure our heights and weights too. At first I was so excited because I haven’t measured since secondary four and was hoping I grew taller. Then I found out that I didn’t grow a single bit in three years -_-” 158cm, 42.5kg sigh pie.

Anyway, we had a class chalet on Wednesday. Met daiqian at Bishan and Thamil at Serangoon coincidentally and we traveled to Pasir Ris together.

 photo IMG_5294_zps16a06470.jpg

 photo IMG_5292_zps053e2b03.jpg

Because I wasn’t able to swim (T-T), I watched Jeff sleep. HAHAHA. After which, we went to play pickup sticks and some mini stack-o game which Gretel brought. Dr. TEL brought his son over for a short while and we tried our best to break ice with the shy boy. Just as he was warming up to us, his dad said they had to go. Played Monopoly Deal and tai ti before Jeff taught Khairul and I how to play poker. It was all very funny. Pizza for dinner before going to e!hub for a stroll and grocery shopping.

 photo IMG_5310_zpsb02d05ef.jpg

I need to learn new poses other than this lame twist. Back to the chalet where we played indian poker, some hand-squeezing murderer and polar bear. Then mahjonged with Daiqian, Yijing and Junfeng, followed by a domino session.

 photo IMG_5298_zps026c34d3.jpg

Ghost stories and joke sessions before more mahjong while the rest watched The Ring. Either we were too tired, or it was not scary at all lol. Bathed and then breakfast. After which, everyone went to sleep, leaving Wenjin and I feeling like kindergarten teachers, watching the kids sleep hehehe. My classmates are so cute!

 photo 240b31d2-4600-41b5-afe1-da7dbab428df_zpsbd88c942.jpg

This post is really long. Took me a few hours. I thank you for taking time to read about my insignificant life.

Need to plan out my holidays, but planning is tiresome 😦 Planned to visit the school library today, but it rained. Planned to do this, but that. Plan and then your plans get ruined. Why do we still plan so much. I am going to meet with a friend whom I haven’t met in five years tonight.


P/S: I koped some photos from my friends kekeke


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