Coming up with interesting titles that are relevant to the post ain’t easy.

Right. Sometimes I lose blogging motivation because I can’t come up with suitable and interesting titles. If you’ve been religiously reading my blog for the past few years, you’ll most probably come to realize that my titles are usually just some random words strung together which don’t make much sense at all. Sigh.

 photo IMG_5463_zpsb3a2129d.jpg

I’ve been drawing quite a bit this holiday. Ultra bad agaration skills is the reason why I never could get them proportions right. That’s also the case for pottery last time. At the very least, I’m rather happy with my shading 🙂

Attended the SP & Waseda University thingy on Tuesday.
My phone died on me thrice that day -_-

 photo IMG_5474_zps48785c6f.jpg

Blurry image as I was at the other end of the lecture theatre charging my phone hahaha.

 photo IMG_5477_zpsd6cca335.jpg

Nom nom nom. Was constantly being fed good food that day 😀 The tofu was to die for!

 photo IMG_5479_zps39dd965d.jpg

Jeff, Yijing, Wenjin, Melvin.

 photo IMG_5490_zps502dbfbd.jpg


Tuesday was Binbin’s actual birthday. We celebrated at putien restaurant at nex with SJJ’s family as well. And as we were about to go home, I chanced a rather awkward meeting with Zhi Png. LOL. Wednesday was the day where my teeth saw proper light after three painful years:

 photo 2fd5c749-38c9-4b84-84a4-39e4a5553920_zps270753f1.jpg

I don’t usually take selfies, but here is one to celebrate the occasion :p

On Thursday, I went on a secret mission which involved a bus ride. So this driver had no idea what he was doing or where he was going. The other commuters were as bewildered as I was when he did not make the usual turn and instead went straight ahead and almost entered the exressway. Thankfully, he got some directions from the headquarters and managed to drive us back to the usual bus route. Phew. Missed the KB lab lunch that day despite rushing down 😦

 photo IMG_5559_zps3df2a557.jpg

Friday morning with a cup of SB salted caramel cocoa which daiqian gave me. It was such a waste of her kind intentions because the cocoa was so bitter I didn’t enjoy the cuppa very much :p Guess I’m still a tea person after all.

 photo IMG_5562_zpsc4ebc4f5.jpg

Ingredients prepared before a swim 🙂

 photo IMG_5564_zps287ff666.jpg

siqi’s super duper yummy and colourful pineapple fried rice

 photo IMG_5573_zpse746ea24.jpg

Look what I found in the mailbox on Saturday morning! I love mailed handwritten letters, thank you min! 😀

 photo IMG_5603_zps45a7756c.jpg

Blurry shot because of the shaky bus ride :p

Yesterday, we went for a DBS year three bbq at pasir ris. It started raining cats and dogs on our way there, but luckily the rain stopped after the fire was successfully started and we could continue barbecuing 🙂 Poor yijing only got home around 1am. By that time, I was already done bathing and collecting Neopets freebies LOL.

Well, today is the start of the second week of our holidays. I wish time would pass slower 😦

The whole of today was spent watching YouTube videos, eating, sleeping and doodling ugly things. Sigh. I certainly need to spend my time on more constructive things.


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