Retainer hurts so bad I wanna die.

Title’s pretty self-explanatory.

– – – – – – – – – –

I guess being with people for prolonged periods of time really drains my energy level by a lot. Evidence being, I spent the whole of Monday watching Lizzy McGuire (LOLOLOL) and eating after Sunday’s bbq. The most productive thing I did was to cook and bathe myself sighpie.

After Monday’s recharge, Kaiying and I went to Suntec for a book fair organized by Popular on Tuesday. It so happened that we had lunch at this ramen place that Kareen was working at.

 photo 35bc3e06-0198-4f36-8d02-dd841c12cd3c_zps3f2d4d57.jpg

Do pardon the half eaten radish, hehe. It was really good. The ramen was kinda like wanton mee though, but it was extremely q (q as in bouncy, springy, chewy, etc). Gyoza!

 photo db660fd0-3554-4de9-b31a-0aebf9470f87_zpse4fd3d54.jpg

Well, the book selection at the fair was okay… after all, popular only sells popular books and stuff. Besides, it wasn’t cheap unless you bought A LOT. So you only save more when you spend more. Just before we left, I pestered Kaiying to let me try out the free handwriting analysis that Stabilo was offering (apparently targeted at kids but who cares, I just want to have my handwriting analyzed lolol). Well, according to the software, I was a perfectionist. Har-dee-har-har. We then headed to kinokuniya, where I purchased a copy of Slaughterhouse 5 😀 I am so proud of Kaiying that day as she managed to not get herself any book. *cues a round of applause*

– – – – – – – – – –

Now, back to the topic on retainers. On Wednesday at 0800 hours, they were fitted onto my teeth and I was told to have them on 24/7 with the exception of meal times and when I’m doing sports. Oh, the agony. Thirty minutes later, I reached school and took them out immediately. HAHAHA. Can’t do nuts with them in my mouth please. With retainers on, I’m just a constantly salivating Daffy Duck 😦

– – – – – – – – – –

Camped at SP library till lunch time, when I went to Biopolis to meet Melanie and Huifang for lunch at Coffee Culture. Returned to SP library for the conductive ink workshop.

 photo 928e9d0e-46a4-4962-8e56-3430073c4676_zps96a97a15.jpg

What’s this?

 photo 50fab70b-16a3-49dc-9336-fe2e4edfcaf5_zps231827db.jpg

A circuit!

It was an interesting workshop, very hands-on. I’m quite thankful to Melvin who volunteered to go with me when I tried jio-ing the class and there was zero response. LOL. Oh, and look at what I found:

 photo 5562f740-92c6-4299-9572-5fe9e33671ea_zpsd1157cb7.jpg


Tiwi has been staying over at our house since Tuesday night. It’s like having a roomie. Hahaha. I need to go and do something productive before I waste away into non-existence. Good-bye.


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