Hello! I’m here for my first post of the year!

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2013, ta-ta!

Since poly academic years aren’t in-sync with normal years, I had a pretty hard time recollecting last year events and had to resort to rummaging through my archives (LOL, memory fail). The first quarter of the year was spent on Y2S2T2, where we were thrown into CBL groups fixed by the lecturers. It was the most hectic term in my SP life thus far because of all the core modules, Y2 japanese and biostatistics (which I absolutely suck at). However, it was also one of my favourite term because of my two super cool teammates – Thamil & Junfeng, who have made CBL much more enjoyable. (I know I’ve repeated this many times before, but just let me brag ok hahaha sorry)

The second quarter was occupied by ITP at IMCB. Key events include initial ice breaking, falling sick for an entire week, getting to know friendly traffic officer and Mr. Centrifuge, IMCB spring cleaning (where I got to converse with Aurelie), achieving my first 0.999 R-squared for Bradford Assay standard curve, meeting Melanie, Ailing’s one-week leave and a mini episode of siqi’s quarter-life crisis lol.

Next came September and our class had the trip to San Francisco. This trip acted like a tube of UHU glue, bonding majority of our class together. Late September was when I started to panic for FYP because of the series of unfortunate events at the lab. Then, more unfortunate events cropped up in October and even more came my way in November. However, many thanks to Melanie and my cute classmates, almost every day saw me laughing my ass off in the buddy chat (super effective stress relief). Finally, December signified the end of ITP and FYP submission. We survived! 😀

I conclude that 2013 has been a pretty enjoyable year despite a few minor setbacks here and there.

2013 Resolutions

#1 Run at least once a fortnight

I am so ashamed of myself. On a more positive note, I managed to get a bronze for NAPFA. LOLOLOL.

#2 Build a Life’s Library


#3 Stop getting nostalgic over the future

I think I coped pretty well for this. But now I’m just confused.

#4 Master the art of small talks

I still suck at it. But giving myself more credit, I’d say at the very least, I’ve become a much more sociable person.

2014 Resolutions

#1 Be a better student, daughter and sister(-in-law)
#2 At least two good drawings per week
#3 At least one book per month

2014, hello!

Basically in this new year, I believe we would be thrown a wide array of choices. This makes it almost impossible for us to make the “perfect” and “supposedly correct” decision. I just hope to be able to forgive myself and give my best for whichever path I choose to walk. Till then, *crosses-fingers*


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