(Just trying to act cute, sorry :p )


Today, I ran on the treadmill. For the first time in my life. HAHAHA.

And I don’t like it. LOL.

Yesterday was the first day of lesson after 1.5 semesters of not studying woohoo. Chanced a meeting with ng huimin at buona this morning, we had a short and nice catch-up session over one station. Advanced cell biology with Hamtaro. We were told to stick to our old groupings and come up with a presentation by Friday. As a new year resolution of sorts, Thamil, Junfeng and I decided not to produce last-minute work anymore (hahaha) and so we worked our asses off trying to complete as much online research as we could last night.

Second day of school today. Current Topics with Dr. TTL. Today, all of us were split into our new groups for the last term of our poly life. My new group mates are Basil & Melvin. HAHAHA. I hope we can work well together.

Anyway, this means that the topics for cell biology will be changed and our previous trio did the research on insulin receptors for nothing LOLOL WHAT. Finally when we decide to be hardworking, our efforts were wasted. #badluckus

Back to the topic of gym. It was my first time in a proper gym today. I ran a little, did some squats and trained my biceps (?) Really appreciate the guidance from Daiqian, Junfeng and Thamil. Now my legs are jelly. HAHAHA #lousysiqiislousy

We’re still waiting for Hamtaro to allocate new receptors for the new groups. So, no homework as of now! I am attempting coloured-pencil drawings. But as I blend, I feel my eyelids drooping. Power nap, let’s go! 😀


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