January 2014

01 Countdown

 photo IMG_5887_zps4c8f30a0.jpg

 photo IMG_5882_zps3556273b.jpg

Didn’t have any plans initially but upon reaching home after the dinner with Tiwi’s family, Joey, Jianing and Jingting jio-ed me over to city hall. It was my first time counting down to the new year outside (hahaha) and it was a pretty interesting experience.

02 Melben Seafood (Tanjong Pagar)

 photo IMG_5908_zpsf39db286.jpg

It wasn’t a very pleasant dinner due to poor service. The beehoon was good though.

03 Supper

Tagged along EGG and Tiwi for some Bridal Roadshows and joined them for 鱼倴炉 (fish head pot?) dinner at AMK with Samuel and Christina (EGG’s friends). Was really thankful at the end of it πŸ™‚ I then got jio-ed out for an impromptu supper at Upp Thomson Road by Min. We settled at Udders for the night.

 photo IMG_5918_zps3094d360.jpg

LOL, poor Toing couldn’t join us again.

05 Spring Cleaning
07 Gym
10 Insulin Receptor Presentation
13 Crashed Marcus, Kinseng, Junfeng Group Discussion
15 Basil, Melvin, Siqi Group Discussion

16 Nua

 photo IMG_6081_zps3563c5e6.jpg

 photo IMG_6104_zps4a5278f3.jpg

Attended the 3D Bio-printing Seminar in the morning and then nua-ed with Kaiying for the rest of the day! We were trying to figure out our lives but to no avail (lol). Well, things would work out. Somehow?

19 EGF Write-Up Submission
20 Crashed Daiqian, Bertrand Group Discussion
22 Running with Daiqian

24 Oncogene & TSG Presentation, Abstracts Submission

That day, I also went for an interview at Orchard Delfi. Being the super un-town person that I am, it took me approximately 40 minutes to finally find the place hahaha. I also spent the next hour waiting and spamming the interviewer’s phone with missed calls. Guess what, I didn’t get the job (lol) because temp staff weren’t welcomed after all. Oh well.

28 Journal Club – Willin & Par3 Presentation

Our group was pretty steady, class ended earlier than expected. I ended up having lunch with Kinseng alone (hahaha) before killing time watching Thamil, Junfeng, Yijing and Marcus run and travelling with Wenjin, Gretel, Bertrand, Victor and Melvin after their buffet (bojio, lol). I also had another interview that day and managed to get the job. Busy February ahead, excited yet nervous πŸ™‚

29 CNY Shopping

End of the grueling and boring Bioentrepreneurship lecture, signifying the start of the 6-days CNY break! Just look at how happy Yijing and Victor were! Yey!

 photo IMG_6219_zps68d6ff54.jpg

 photo IMG_6220_zps3e51362a.jpg

 photo IMG_6227_zps0b3c9998.jpg

Went for a swim that afternoon before going to FarEastFlora to get flowers with mummy. Fell sick that night lol.

30 陀倕
31 εˆδΈ€

CNY to be further elaborated in separate post because the owner of this blog is lazy. Ta-ta! πŸ™‚


One thought on “January 2014

  1. […] January was bliss. Still a full-time polytechnic student, the only thing on my plate was getting a fabulous GPA. But since it was already the final term, there was really not much I could do about it! Nevertheless, I absolutely enjoyed the final modules and times spent with classmates after lessons. […]


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