Can I just get my diploma already?

Final TWO weeks of school left.

Suddenly, pineapples! overwhelmed by so much work !_!

– Journal (Creative Writing)
– Journal (Hamtaro Presentation 1)
– Journal (Hamtaro Presentation 2)
– Bioentrepreneurship crappy presentation
– Work

I feel like a dog with a juicy piece of meat being dangled right in front of my face. The aroma, I can smell it. Just let me have a taste of it. Please? *puppy eyes*

“NO! Not until you swim across this sea of literature, scale that mountain of journals, jump over a hundred fire hoops (like in circus charlie) and fetch me my serological pipette tip,” my owner ordered.

Oh god, my analogy was so bad. I do apologise for it.
But I think you guys ought to get the point lol. Right? ._.

Work Motivation = None

Now, please excuse me while I waste away the only free day of this entire week and drown in a sea of self-pity and misery. I feel really bad for doing this and am truly sorry towards my new group members šŸ˜¦



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