I’ve always considered myself a person who stays true to her words.

Under-promise, over-deliver

I try hard not to make empty promises and do my best in concealing all unconfirmed matters until I’m certain they’re established. Otherwise, I use words like “I think”, “Perhaps”, “Maybe” and “Could be” under circumstances in which I cannot be sure of.

Perhaps deep down, I’m just afraid that whatever comes out of my mouth, I have to be responsible for and stay true them. And because I’m such an indecisive human, it is often best that those words remain unspoken such that no one but myself would be let down in the event of any change in mind.

Sometimes, however, I ponder over whether this habit is what’s holding me back from doing the things I want to do, but dare not attempt. I am sick of having to confine myself to this absurd way of living. Then again, I feel that speaking up exposes my vulnerable side and all the insecurities that would have stayed hidden otherwise.

Regardless of the ridicule and judgement I might face, maybe this time I’ll say it out.

Say it out then work hard for those words to remain true. Work hard and I shall achieve. Right?


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