Chinese New Year

This was the most happening new year ever since 2002. Really.


Temple visit in the morning before fetching binbin from his infant care. He was totally stunned and stood motionless while staring at me wide-eyed hahaha. Only after a minute or two did he rush towards the window where I stood and smiled gaily at me (^-^) Reunion Dinner at Ahmah’s in the evening. This year, Tiwi and her brother joined us as well. As usual, it was a spread!

 photo 32f01884-9d41-4b40-9f43-cb26ca1dc57b_zps9b4969dc.jpg


 photo d0b4c314-fd8d-44b9-9405-639a788ad703_zps55ec4d7a.jpg

Ahmah’s –> Xiaowaipo’s –> Waipo’s

 photo 0331ed7e-218f-4335-add2-39d76421b646_zps3ef8d62a.jpg

A closer look at the Crown Prince


 photo 4ce91605-ac88-42c3-9b2f-6c9e30a85e99_zpsadaf62af.jpg

Tiwi and Try came over for lunch. We had a movie marathon at home. That night, we went to watch Robocop too.


We visited Seletar Reservoir after Yong Tau Foo lunch at some ulu place where I’ve never been to.
Look at binbin:

 photo IMG_6302_zpsf7d67560.jpg

I cannot stop laughing at this hahahahahaha! Had our customary chu san steamboat cum teppanyaki at ahyi’s place. We played blackjack this year too and I lost nine bucks. Not bad at all, given that I was prepared to lose ten. Hehe.


Got woken up by mum for an impromptu family outing (LOL). We damn happening this year. Had breakfast around Bugis, followed by a trip to the guanyin temple, where, for the first time in my life, I tried praying for a lot. It turned out to be a pretty bad lot (._.”) and it says, “Aim for nothing special and you won’t fail”. Or something along this line. Basically, it tells me not to change my life direction (HA!). Next stop was Tanjong Rhu Park.

 photo IMG_6404_zps9ed2d6dd.jpg

It was super sunny over there. We then proceeded to Pan Pacific for EGG’s wedding preparations (Out of the blue right! LOL). After touring the ballrooms and stuff, we then nua-ed at the lobby, discussing where to go next. As you can tell, the day’s events were being made up spontaneously HAHAHA. Idk why my family was so happening this year. Had dimsum buffet for lunch at Toa Payoh (^-^)b then we all went to fetch binbin home for a quick wash-up before going off to Ganma’s


 photo IMG_6415_zpsed3ca90a.jpg

It was supposed to be a school day with Journal Club but because Dr. TTL had to attend the med tech’s FYP presentations, we were spared! WAHAHA! Also, I was supposed to be rushing out ben’s bioentrepreneurship worksheet and edmund’s cancer hallmarks powerpoint due the same week but being the sloth that I am, I got tempted out by EGG and Tiwi into joining them at Adventure Cove \(^-^)/

There weren’t many people, nor were there many rides. We finished everything by 6pm and had dinner at Chilli’s (which is now one of my favourite dining places).

 photo IMG_6428_zps4fc54480.jpg

 photo IMG_6430_zps5ca0663e.jpg

 photo IMG_6432_zps84777a91.jpg

 photo IMG_6435_zpsd15cd59c.jpg

EGG was like a pro in taking group selfies *salutes*

Oh, I forgot to mention that the snorkeling station was quite scary hahaha half the time I was trying to hold on to that huge-ass mask to prevent the ultra salty water and fish pee from entering my nose and mouth. Cons of having a small head.

And that’s the end of our extremely happening new year where I got sick but still ate like a pig and played like there’s no tomorrow anyway hahaha. The next day saw me visiting KK Tan. 跟医生拜年.


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