Citrus-smelling insecticide is a funny invention

Haven’t had the luxury of proper sleep for the past week despite the commencement of our unofficial graduation. This, I owe to the presence of numerous merciless and bloodthirsty mosquitoes circulating the neighbourhood recently. In a futile attempt to cut down surface areas for possible bites, I hid my entire body under the blanket, leaving only my face exposed. And that’s where those relentless mozzies attacked. Walao, seriously?!

Mummy and I resorted to shutting all our windows despite the heat and lack of air circulation. It wasn’t very effective either because although more mosquitoes can’t fly in anymore, those that are already in won’t be able to leave. Ugh.

Insecticide next. Citrus-smelling ones. Why would people want to infuse citrus scent into insecticide? It still smells like insecticide lol. I am so sleepy but dare not fall asleep 😦

In other news, I visited the library today and am feeling somewhat happy with four new books to tide me through the withdrawal phase following the end of you who came from the stars. Heh. It’s the first of March! I have yet to receive my schedule for this month, and I can’t wait to get this rotting butt out of the house and start working.


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