February 2014

01 Robocop

02 Yong Tau Foo / Seletar Reservoir / Steamboat

03 Temple / Rhu Cross / Pan Pac / Dim Sum / Ganma’s

04 Adventure Cove

05 KK Tan (LOL)

06 Singtel

Had char siew rice for lunch at sinming with EGG and Tiwi. We were supposed to re-contract and get new phones that day but I decided against it eventually even though my lock button’s on the verge of irreversible damage. Despite not needing so much, I still can’t bear to give up the current twelve gigs of data for a mere two gigs. LOL. So EGG got his new iPhone 5 while I’m still stuck with my battered 4S. Anyway, Tiwi moved out from our house that day.

07 Work

EGG drove me to school and mum to work but I ended up being the latest in class, later than I would have been if I had taken the train (lol what). Cancer Hallmarks Presentation. What can I say lol, it’s pretty obvious I didn’t put in much effort into preparation. Basil & Melvin, I’m sorry :p First day of work as a florist (sort of). Yeah, you read that right. Basically I just sprayed plants with h two o and learnt how to fax orders to the HQ.

08 Reunion Dinner Round Two

Awww, missed the huge reunion dinner at ahmah’s because of work commitments.

12 Dental

First retainer follow-up visit in which I got scolded pretty bad despite the dentist being late for our appointment (busy with the previous patient). I paid ten bucks to be scolded and had my retainers tightened to a whole new level. Ouch.

14 Valentines’ Day

I never knew so many guys would part with their money so willingly just to buy ridiculously expensive, yet un-fresh flowers for their loved ones. It was an eye-opening experience indeed. The day ended pretty badly though, due to a few unpleasant customers with ludicrous behaviours. I got a teeny bit upset so choing-ed back home where minjoon and songyi then comforted me. Ha. I sound like a pathetic loser with zero life. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that mummy went on a vacation to Bangkok with Jillyn and my aunts.

17 Stem Cell Therapy Presentation

19 Cancer Stem Cell Presentation

Part of our class went for lunch at Harbourfront before walking aimlessly around vivo. It’s been such a long time since I’ve been there. So many shops were changed and even the toilets were revamped. LOL I prefer the old washrooms. Anyway, we walked into this cosplay shop of sorts where I spotted familiar figurines but can’t remember the anime which they were from. I could only remember their cameo appearances in Dragonball. Hmmm. BUT TODAY I MANAGED TO FIND OUT WHAT ANIME IT WAS WOOOHOOOO DR. SLUMP!

20 Journal Club Creative Writing

Submitted a parody song with lousy lyrics together with a rather slipshod summary.
I could have done better.

21 Triple Jump

Boing boing boing. The time was too short for me to work out the correct hypothesis but thankfully because of that, I was able to come up with an experimental design to prove my false hypothesis wrong. Make sense no? If I were to come up with a correct hypothesis from the start, I wouldn’t be able to draw up another experiment to prove the same thing. I think (?) Anyway, while working on the assignment at spectrum, I spotted Eleanor but couldn’t be sure if it was her. So I kept looking at her and she kept looking at me (LOL). Lunched at FC2 with Melvin, Victor and Wenjin before heading to Moberly for an intense session of foosball followed by pool joined by the others who ended their assessments later. We then had dinner at Mad Jack Clementi. Food = Disappointing hahaha but my hopes weren’t high in the first place. Finally we went to Clarke Quay for a drink to sit on the bridge and chat. Well, that marked the last day of our polytechnic lives!

22 Malaysia

Was supposed to go on a cafe trip with Daiqian, Junfeng and Marcus but alas, I realized at the last-minute that I had to go to JB for the day. Felt so bad towards Daiqian and Marcus for pangseh-ing 😦 I’m sorry guys!!! Anyway, I met Eleanor at ahyi’s that day and we confirmed with each other that it was each other that we saw at spectrum on Friday, HA!!!

25 Shopping with Jillyn

26 Class Badminton

28 Pay Collection + Camp in Library 😀

There, there. Boring summation of Siqi’s February w/o any visual aids at all because she is lazy like that.


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