I was really happy on Tuesday because of work and pottery, which explains why I was heard laughing in my sleep that night. Hand bouquets aren’t as simple as they seem to be (esp round ones). The fillers don’t always turn out like how I imagined they would.

 photo 2aee2b9f-3e5e-4555-a1d4-23273d8f4a66_zps7da342ac.jpg

Teacher was delighted to see me again. Despite not being at it for close to a year, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I was still capable of coiling pretty well. Speed also increased slightly (^-^)v Francis had already moved on to the electric wheel! Well, let’s master the basics first alright! I’m still rather clueless when it comes to compacting clay and trimming.

 photo IMG_6602_zps24412add.jpg

Thursday saw me going back to SP Library to return books (T_T) and print stuff before rushing down to IMCB for a chat with Dr. Ban. Suming’s gonna leave for SGH soon and I was to fill up her spot temporarily. Because I’m really afraid that I wouldn’t be able to deliver what’s expected of me, I didn’t want to accept the offer initially. However, the terms were really attractive (actually it’s just the money and experience) and to survive this year on my own, I really do need this source of income. You can buy time after all. Other people’s time. And that is, if you have the money. So starting April, I’d be back to doing research and cloning and cloning and more cloning. This time, Sweet Suming wouldn’t be there to help me out anymore 😦

There’s a need to re-evaluate my life and subsequent action plans again. It’s such a gigantic step out of my comfort zone, not applying for university like everyone is doing. I feel like I must make full use of this time. Then again, there’s no time as it is consumed by work. Work for money. Money makes the world go round. I hate the world.

I don’t know how this post started out all happy and then ends with such negative thoughts.
So, random pictures are a must for distraction:

 photo cce5b6e8-210b-4644-80dd-1b518c7727f3_zpsb97c13b6.jpg

 photo aebb8808-48e7-4de3-a311-f2f060bfa131_zps2700036b.jpg

 photo IMG_6492_zpsb416c94d.jpg

 photo fec690f0-a236-4cb1-a481-dce791387b63_zps2e14c951.jpg

 photo 95c663de-a1dd-4317-bbd3-15a8368861ef_zps8371d900.jpg

 photo IMG_6617_zpse97b88ba.jpg

I accidentally broke this when I was trying to reinforce it, lol

 photo IMG_6567_zpsfe2c6213.jpg

After finishing My Love from the Stars, E.T. was showing on Channel 5 and I came across this on Tumblr. Too funny.

 photo IMG_6571_zpsa22f529e.jpg

Finally, amina’s toing-please-jiayou-for-your-tests face


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