Things that need replacing:

– Desktop
– Printer
– Printer ink
– Calculator
– Camera
– 77% of Siqi’s wardrobe
– Siqi’s mouth

Desktop’s been spoilt forever. Maybe I should get a laptop for mum. $$$. Printer/Scanner died on me today when I most needed it. Its ink (functional ones, mind you) have been missing since more than four years ago. I absolutely hate that it fails to print once a single colour has “run out”. Hello? Even older printers are smart enough to provide me with an option of using composite ink which is also what I really need 😦

Seven year old calculator has got to go, too. I’ll miss you but perhaps not, for such a glutton you are, eating away all those batteries like they’re canned tuna and mango puddings.

Camera’s battery is gonna die pretty soon as well. Its sadly limited megapixels have also been mocked by Victor during the SF trip. But since it’s not such a necessity, I might remove it from this stupid list.

77% of Siqi’s wardrobe might as well be shifted to the “Things to be Discarded” list. Because I’ve officially turned into a cartoon character, wearing the same outfits every single day. Mainly because of work. But even without work, I believe my dressings would still be all t-shirts and jeans. What Jillyn calls “Boring~”.

Lastly, the useless mouth which has been gobbling down cans of tuna and mango puddings. Ah. Not forgetting sprouting streams of nonsense. You’ve gotta go, baby.

Conclusion I: I’m going to be real broke unless DGG reads this and kindly offer to sponsor the electronics. *hint hint* hehehe :p

Conclusion II: Gadgets hate me

Conclusion III: I’ve been snacking way too much lately.


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