March 2014

01 I’m officially a working adult!

Taking a gap year (or two) means no more monthly allowance. Earning my own keep and saving as much as possible has proven to be a GIGANTIC challenge, considering my part-time job at the flower shop only pays six dollars an hour. Here’s a typical budget breakdown:

 photo Capture_zps5ee19de5.png

Also, not forgetting about the Employee CPF Contribution of ~13.6%/month ($106.08/month), I’m being left with *drumrolls* -$40.88/month (LOLOL) for miscellaneous expenses and/or emergencies. This means I’ll have to reduce my savings percentage. Furthermore, taking into consideration that this is only a lame-ass rough estimation and only exists in The Perfect Scenario (whereby I successfully convert into a caveman or robot with zero social life and live on bread everyday), I’ve arrived at the conclusion that I absolutely cannot survive. Especially so when all my gadgets have decided to go on a strike at the same time. And so, this brings me to…

06 A Meeting with ๅŒ…ๅคงไบบ

I am working towards something. And being back in the lab for another six months is really not going to lead me to that something. Besides, that’s also the main reason I didn’t want to continue in this field but I digress. Anyway, throughout the meeting I kept telling Dr. Kenneth how enticing his deal was (really, the money) but how I couldn’t accept it because of my something and because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to meet their expectations (Like hello? We are talking about Blur-Cok Fang taking over a degree holder’s job!!!). But I understood that he needed the manpower urgently and thus offered to headhunt for him. I do have a few candidates (Read: Some of my awesome research classmates) suitable for the job. So basically that day at IMCB, I told everyone (Dr. Kenneth, Ailing and even Mr. Gate Opener, whom I chanced upon at the elevator) that I am not going to take up the offer.

BUT. On the train ride home, the picture of frail-looking bearded (seriously!) Siqi sitting in a cave, munching on bread as the sun sets and rises popped into my brain. THE HORROR. What happened next when I got home is that I wrote an email to Dr. Kenneth explaining that I’ve changed my mind and will start work in April. HAHAHA. Imagine the faces of all those people I’ve spoke to that day when they see me in my labcoat back in the lab. I cannot believe myself. In the end, I fell into the rat race. Once again. What is money?

08 International Women’s Day

Quite a lot of customers came to buy flowers today, I wonder if it’s due to Women’s Day. That night, I treated mummy to a yummy dinner at Kazokutei, because of the occasion giving her an allowance of only a hundred bucks per month is too little (although that’s the only sum I could afford). Their handmade udon was amazing!

13 Villagers Meet-Up

 photo IMG_2750_zps8df84ff1.jpg

 photo 11b769af-9ea4-457a-963c-69284c73f349_zps01e38448.jpg

Our last meet-up was at Swee Choon! Shinyin suggested we go to Old Airport Road after hearing my pleas for cheaper food. We all met at dakota and walked over to the food centre only to find it closed for washing. LOL WHAT. Damn suay. Ended up dining in Bugis and found this Kinder Surprise in Cold Storage!

 photo Photo13-3-1492129pm_zpsac90ac60.jpg

18 Pottery

 photo Photo18-3-1445608pm_zps22c7af85.jpg

We’re kept busy by the arrival of fresh flowers in the shop on Tuesdays and Fridays. A sunflower broke and Yhan told me to throw it away. A satay stick and some high-quality scotch tape later, it was mine to bring home (^-^) Was feeling pretty lazy that day so all I managed in pottery class, was to put the finishing touches on a bowl and to glaze the cup from my first lesson. Hope the cup survives the firing this time.

 photo Photo30-3-14122308pm_zpsb0544738.jpg

 photo 52e9c909-1062-4004-a396-52899e6591e5_zpsa154f161.jpg

20 Suming’s Handover

In an effort to do my job well, I headed over to IMCB for Suming’s handover. She showed me how to deal with the dispatching stuff and handling of invoices. That day, I met Felicia (our lovely junior from med tech who was interning there) and we finally tried the Indian stall at the ASTAR foodcourt.

 photo Photo30-3-14123719pm_zpsd85c09a9.jpg

It’s economical rice, but cooked by indians haha. After lunch, I nua-ed in the lab for another two more hours until Dr. Kenneth returned from NUS. We had a chat and Suming introduced her two projects to me. Ah, cloning~ I ‘m really worried ๐Ÿ˜ฆ There was a mini bookfair at the Epicenter and I got a cute pop-up book for binbin. Hehehe ๐Ÿ˜€

25 Results

The last semester results we’ll ever receive in poly! I specially waited up for it despite being dog-tired and I wasn’t disappointed. Hard work paid off, yeah! ๐Ÿ™‚ *unlocks achievement of one of my new year resolutions*

27 Villagers Meet-Up Two

 photo Photo27-3-1471843pm_zps40de7747.jpg

We’re on a roll, we are! Two meet-ups in a month as compared to our usual once-in-a-year routine. Tried out VeganBurg and it was quite nice. We then explored Marina Bay and by coincidence, there was an ongoing iLight Marina Bay exhibition and we managed to check it out while waiting for Shinyin. After which, we also went to watch the water show in front of MBS. It was a night well-spent ๐Ÿ™‚

 photo Photo30-3-14122927pm_zpse6ab9e44.jpg

30 Annual Qing Ming Festival Temple Visit

Visited the temple, went to the market, did some chores at home, watched TV, FaceTimed EGG and then dinner at ahmah’s. A simple day with the family. Enjoying some peace before the commencement of my seven days work week.

31 Last day as a regular part-timer at the flower shop

I’ll still be working there every weekend.
All is good. Now, some random pictures from the shop (mostly floral related):

 photo Photo12-3-1473354pm_zps73305151.jpg

 photo e911609e-aeda-41dc-bd8d-b39cdc5469b6_zpsbfd201ad.jpg

Similar styles. I just love eustomas hahaha. And I feel extremely happy when people buy the bouquets that I make. They actually want them!!! Can I hug all of you? \(TvT)/

 photo Photo26-3-1474530pm_zps22b61a0d.jpg

Ugly quick sketches with wrong proportions, angles and weird perspectives. HAHAHA.

 photo Photo29-3-1484444pm_zpse7843079.jpg

Slightly better but still poor drawing.

 photo Photo16-3-14111115am_zpse339755f.jpg

Remember I broke a daisy while reinforcing it the other day? Well, I decided to leave it to dry and see how it’ll look like and this is the result. Disintegrated into balls of fluff! Interesting.

 photo Photo27-3-1445901pm_zps07d6098e.jpg

A bunny paperclip I recycled out of a piece of wire which Yhan used in her demonstration of the reinforcement of gerberas. I’m pretty creative, aren’t I? *self-praises* hehehe

 photo 2bbe38bc-5f17-4d45-841c-435c48300b1f_zpsc0e96c30.jpg

Lastly, footwear that brought me to my pay on payday! Yey! ๐Ÿ˜€

Okay, I was supposed to start work in IMCB today but because I’m still waiting for the SP letter of certification and approval of my application so, one more day of freedom! I’ll work hard tomorrow onwards. Ta-ta!


One thought on “March 2014

  1. […] March was the start of a prelude to Limbo. I worked as a regular part-time florist for the entire month. Dr. Ban then tempted me with a job offer back at IMCB, which I accepted because I was either out of my mind or extremely desperate for money. And in doing so, I readily signed up for half a year of working seven days a week AKA slogging away for money. […]


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