I forgot how to squeeze toothpaste on my toothbrush yesterday.

That is because I tried doing it with a conscious mind. How weird.

A chance meeting with a primary school classmate last week brought deep-rooted (but limited) memories to the surface. Guess there’s this system in my brain that clears unpleasant experiences like how the CCleaner cleans my temporary internet files.

In any case, my retarded reflex at crossing the road at lightning speed (or was it merely cowardice?) costed me the opportunity to set things right. How could it only occur to me to say hi after the walk has been walked? *shakes self vigorously*

Looking back, I really really despise my old self a lot. So much so that I hope it can be deleted forever. Wiped clean from the memories of whoever I used to interact with. I don’t even like the current being as well.

Oh, something interesting:

I used to be part of a self-created Anti-Science Club with Cheryl just because I’ve always did badly in said subject since Primary Three. Funny how I grew to like it and even obtain a Diploma in that area.

Don’t you hate it when you are typing something rather personal and some stranger on the train keeps staring at your phone and trying to read every word? Ha! But it doesn’t really make sense since these ‘personal’ stuff are gonna go on to the World Wide Web anyway. Shot an arrow at the auntie but it ended up in my butt. Good job.


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