The Pink Lizard

Seems like it enjoys terrorising me, exclusively. Since two years ago when I first spotted it by the dustbin almost every night, I have learnt to ignore it.

Perhaps the attention-starvation has provoked it to seek exhilaration and excitement. Last Saturday, it appeared by the sink, scurried away upon my entrance into the kitchen and left me shell-shocked. Last night, the cold-blooded poltergeist taunted me once again by the sink.

I really hope it’d stop testing my heart at every opportunity it gets.

I dreamt of cutting up a cockroach last night. In the cross sectional view of its abdomen, I saw a roller coaster with all my friends sitting in it. But the roller coaster became the interior of a giant mealworm in an instant. My friends were still enjoying themselves (much to my horror). And the pink lizard was amongst them, squealing in delight.


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