April 2014

02 IMCB, let’s go!

Almost like ITP/FYP Round Two. This time with more projects, a new supervisor (which is the P.I himself) and housekeeping duties. Compared to the actual ITP/FYP, it’s really nice not having to worry about coming up with reports and presentations. Dr. Kenneth is very patient and a great mentor too šŸ˜€

04 TP Design Show

 photo 3c0e9f10-a949-4bc0-addc-50d2c51adf1d_zps13f1d57f.jpg

Since my job application hasn’t been approved yet, working hours are still pretty flexible for the time being. On Friday, I left work early for TP Design Show 2014. Met up with Shinyin at Tampines and we headed to TP where Kaiying and Huimin were exhibiting their FYPs. There were fascinating displays everywhere, it’s like the whole atmosphere there was soaked with creativity. Hope some of it went into my brain. Had dinner with Kaiying at one of the malls in Tampines (lol, idk which) and her friends were walking around, giving out free Polaroids for some unknown campaign. So we took one too, hehe:

 photo f9007878-c327-429b-89f4-1027f56b139c_zpsddbd1e7d.jpg

06 My neighbour’s kid has the same name as me!

Morning shift at the flower shop with Mae. There was a funny dude who was “in a rush” and demanded Mae make him a bouquet in 10 minutes. He only came back who-knows-when later (-_-“) After work, mum and I brought binbin to the playground where my neighbour’s kids were playing too. Mum asked for their names and we found out that one of them had the exact same chinese name as me! And he’s a guy. HAHAHAHA. Prior to that, I’ve always thought the characters making up my chinese name were rather unique. Guess not anymore *sniffs*

10 Coffee Culture

Marcus came over for lunch with Yijing and I after one of his countless interviews. Yijing showed us some of his photos from Japan which left me absolutely envious!!! The cherry blossoms were so damn pretty!

11 Bad Day

Miniprep failed for some mysterious reason, ended up having to do the additional purification step. I almost got knocked down by a few cars that day while crossing the road to get lunch. It was weird. My eyes were fixed on a gang of fighting birds and it was as if I was caught in some kind of a trance. Luckily the cars horned super loudly and it’s Earth to Siqi.

12 Siqi’s first attempt at six-stalks bouquet

 photo IMG_6879_zpsc74bea55.jpg

 photo IMG_6836_zpsaf41e7ce.jpg

 photo IMG_6883_zpscf4448e5.jpg

 photo d6f2c900-ca82-4091-b0c0-77ba105f2789_zpsb0c5bf42.jpg

Had dinner at Ambush with mum after work that night. The German sausages were disappointing. And as unsightly as it seems, the squid-ink baked rice was surprisingly tasty.

13 Yhan’s Allergy Reaction

Have you heard of negative ion strips? IF you haven’t, Google it. I shan’t elaborate but it was hilarious seeing Yhan putting those strips on her patches of allergy and coming up with an abundance of catchphrases and slogans for this “product”. HAHA. I wonder if it did indeed work, would only be able to find out the next time I see her. Which is idk when.

18 Good Friday

I’m very grateful for the existence of things like Public Holidays. It’s my only source of proper rest nowadays (other than sick leave, which I’ll touch on later). Had dinner at Liang Court with my classmates, organized by Yijing. We did an awful lot of walking that day, not that I’m complaining šŸ™‚

21 Pottery

 photo IMG_6913_zpscffec96a.jpg

I am rather pleased with the cup above. It’s for mum. Attended a make-up lesson on Monday. The class was packed! But I made a few new friends šŸ˜€ Managed to complete a secret gift for someone and start on a cup that day.

 photo IMG_6978_zps308221b6.jpg

Am gonna bring this to the office once it’s bisqued and glazed. Hope it turns out okay.

 photo IMG_6922_zpsa978bae8.jpg

I murdered my favourite teacup the other day because of the paranoia inflicted by Mr. Pink Lizard. Tsk.

 photo d72fb3ef-2ed0-4756-be1e-90579551ee5f_zps29c8b811.jpg

Francis very kindly introduced and lent me some of his under-glaze. Not sure how it’ll turn out so I tested it out on this bowl. Can’t wait for it to be fired šŸ˜€

25 A Battle with Mr. Flu

I went to work that day with a constantly running nose and even tears kept flowing out of my eyes (but I wasn’t crying!) haha. Oh, Matias asked Ailing and I if we had any detergent in the lab. I have no idea what detergent was! HAHAHA. Was it the one you use to wash the dishes? Or is washing powder a kind of detergent too? Was Bleach detergent? I didn’t and still am not sure. Can someone enlighten me please? P/S: I asked Ailing and she looked at me incredulously but can’t seem to explain as well (lol). Anyway I fell sick for four days.

30 Where’s my job application?

 photo IMG_6860_zps5b2c1381.jpg

I’ve worked for an entire month already but my application is still not being processed (._.)

Life is simple now and I am contented.

Here’s a Fittonia plant I drew a few weeks ago:

 photo IMG_6925_zps7ee24332.jpg

My eyes went @_@ after that hahaha.


One thought on “April 2014

  1. […] April was alright. Dr Ban acted more like a mentor than a boss. Then came our official Graduation in May and Writing 101 Challenge in June. As an introvert, the crazy schedule (weekdays in the lab and weekends at the florist’s) was already stripping me of quality time to recharge. The breaking point finally came when Melanie joined in July. […]


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