I spent 3 hours at four degree Celsius, scrubbing mould and rust off shelves and various machines today.

IMCB Clean Up Day. This year, I was in charged of cleaning the Cold Room with Matias.

Seems like only yesterday, Aurelie and I were just cleaning the Dark Room. But yesterday was last year and Aurelie’s already left and internship’s already ended. I’ve already graduated and one year has already passed us by.

Internship, San Francisco, FYP, Last two modules in the library. One year didn’t feel like one year at all. People came and went.

I wonder.

Anyway, I almost died today. So here are some tips (I wished I’d knew beforehand) to ensure the completion of the torturous task at a higher comfort level:

1. Wear long johns, just the top would do as jeans are thick enough for the legs.

2. Put on thick gloves under the usual nitrile/latex ones. Trust me, cleaning with ethanol is gonna make your fingers go numb if you don’t.

3. Wear thicker socks!!! My toes almost fell off today 😦

4. Clean at the speed of light then get the hell out of there ASAP.

*5. Drink some alcohol to warm up your insides.

*LOL I’m just kidding! 😀


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