All over the place

As I was brushing teeth this morning:

Me: I shall answer with exaggerating adjectives the next time someone asks me, “How are you?”. Something like ‘Fantastic!’, or ‘Fabulous!’.

Me: How about ‘Never better’?

Me: *recalls a scene in Harry Potter*

Me: Why did Emma Watson cut her hair? Should I cut my hair again?

Me: Definitely. It’s great not having to bother about tying it.

Me: Uh-oh, definitely not. What if you look like a mushroom again?

Me: Well, hair will grow back eventually.

Me: Wow, maybe those who are not afraid to cut their hair understands that an opportunity might only come once in a lifetime so they aren’t afraid to seize it even if it means taking a huge risk which might incur massive loss because they understand like how hair can grow back, losses can be recouped too!!!

Me: What if you only regret it after?

Me: If you are gonna regret your choice ever so often….

Just then, my eyes rested on the following:

Then I started giggling and toothpaste splattered everywhere.

Just like the toothpaste I spat out, my sense of humor and train of thought are all over the place.


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