Trying to be objective

Ten minutes past usual closing time:

Assistant 1: *counting cash*

Assistant 2: *packing up*

Customer: So what? I’m just gonna stand here and no one’s gonna come and assist me?

Assistant 1: *looks up, still counting cash*

Assistant 2: *puts aside stuff, proceeds to assist*

Assistant 1: I’m afraid we only accept cash payment now because we’ve already closed our accounts for today.

Customer: What can I say? Your music’s still playing, your lights are still on and you’re just gonna kick me out of your shop?

Assistant 1: Well, I’m really sorry but the mall’s already closed and we’ve already settled our accounts.

Assistant 3: It’s okay, we will just open the accounts again and include it as tomorrow’s sales.

Assistant 1 is as rigid as a wall and Customer needs to learn some manners. Then again, Assistant 1 might be a newbie and Customer probably had a bad day.

What do y’all think?


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