Boys who buy flowers


So I’ve been working at the flower shop for around three months now and I guess that saying that I’ve met almost all sorts of guys ain’t no exaggeration. Guys who buy flowers for their girlfriends/wives/mistresses(?), I meant.


Yesterday I met a teen buying flowers with his mother. Whatever his mum suggested, he says, “Ew!”. But when asked what was it that he preferred, he didn’t have a clue. So being the helpful staff that I am (LOL), I went forward to assist them.

Me: May I ask, for whom are you getting the flowers?

Mum: *mouths mockingly* girlfriend!

After they left, I told Anna about how rare it was for a guy to go flower-shopping for his girlfriend with his mum and sister. What Anna replied made me feel ashamed of my first paragraph:

“Don’t be suagu (ignorant), that’s nothing to be surprised about. I’ve once saw a mum coming to buy flowers for her son’s girlfriend. Her son did not even come!”

Seems like there are more types of guys to meet.

And guys, buying flowers means nothing if you don’t get it yourself. What matters is the sincerity, no? I bet they would be appreciated even if you were to pick roadside flowers for your loved ones. At least you made the effort.

Oh, and there’s nothing to be ashamed about getting flowers. Some guys come in shrugging and saying they don’t know what flowers are nice. They’ll be like, “I don’t know what to buy, just get me anything you think is nice.” But how in the world do I know what your girl likes, huh? Some even pretend to be buying for their friends! It’s all pretty amusing actually, hahaha. But eventually, I am more impressed with guys who actually know what type of blooms/colours/bouquets their girlfriends/wives/mistresses(?) prefer. That goes to show how well they understand them, I think.