What my brain does when I’m asleep

My dreams are getting stranger.

A few weeks ago, it was me lounging around and eating breakfast on a luxurious sofa, with some VIPs from my subconscious, in a huge classy toilet.

That, followed by Shuhui eating a giant salmon sandwich on the streets of San Francisco. Raw salmon. Sashimi Sandwich! Can you imagine?

And last night, I dreamt that EGG and I were actually adoptees escaping from our evil and brutal stepfather. The dream was set in China. Somehow, we met a few kind souls under an overhead bridge. They danced with us, lent us a few bucks, and pointed us to a nearby grocery store after hearing about our plight.

Everything was relatively cheap in the store, but the quality, not so good. It’s kind of like items you can find under the Neopets Money Tree. Mostly Old Rotten Boots and Pile of Dungs, but sometimes when you’re lucky, you may stumble upon something better. Something like… a Half-Eaten Omelette, perhaps?

It was our lucky day! Broccoli was on a buy-one-get-one offer. However, it was apparently a big hit with the other poor patrons of the store as there were only two remaining. A decent one, and a much smaller, very frail-looking broccoli. (Okay, don’t even ask how does a broccoli look frail. LOL. Just imagine a very malnourished piece of vegetable.)

Anyway, I was delighted and so overwhelmed by our luck. The last two broccoli!!! It’s ours! Yet my share of the money that the kind souls under the overhead bridge gave to us wasn’t enough to afford the broccoli even when they were at the price of one. So I ran up to EGG (who was walking along the shelves with mouldy bread) and pleaded with him to share his money with me so that we can get the broccoli together.

No. That was his answer. I even offered him the decent broccoli and promised to eat the frail one. But all I received was a straight refusal. Hmph!

Next thing I knew, the underlings of our evil step-father burst through the shop and I woke up.

Shuhui’s love for sashimi in reality explains the second dream and the Hotel King (a Korean drama that I’m currently watching) plot semi-explains the third. But a sofa, VIPs and eating breakfast in a toilet??? I don’t.

Why won’t EGG share the broccoli deal with me? 😦


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