Happenings in the lab

With many thanks to Joanna, I have discovered the hot room! It’s a place where bacteria get drunk on LB broth and massaged on a shaker for ~16 hours, before getting slaughtered by (cruel?) scientists for the harvesting of their transformed plasmids.

Yesterday, a visitor of PRK lab sent Matias calling for the maintenance office. It was a cockroach, hur hur. I couldn’t believe that the maintenance office people were in-charged of pest-busting too! Too funny.

My boss taught me several legit ways of playing with dry ice. Now I can’t wait to try them out. Too bad I haven’t the balls to.

Today marked the first and last time I shook cute angmoh uncle, Kasim’s hand. Bye-bye. Even though we’ve never had a proper conversation, somehow I think I’ll miss him. After all, I’m a very sentimental person ya know!

My job is sort of fun. Yet, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep at it for another four more months. This nagging feeling inside of me.


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