#11 Car Manners

Dear Siqi,

A car drove pass two days ago.

Many cars drive by all day, everyday. What was it about the one two days ago that caught my attention?

It exited from a rather prestigious school. In it, a middle-aged man was seated behind the steering wheel, driving. Beside him, a vacant seat. However, a boy in uniform had his eyes glued to a PSP in the passenger seat behind.

The first thought that flashed through my mind was a memory from probably nine years ago. Primary Four, perhaps?

P4 Siqi was excited to go to P6 Jillyn’s house for a stay over, and was patiently waiting for her uncle to come fetch her. Upon his arrival, she hopped onto the passenger seat behind her uncle and bade goodbye to 23-year old DGG. On the car, a minute later, she received a call from DGG.

“Why did you not sit in the front seat? Is uncle your chauffeur?”

She hadn’t knew. But ever since then, we’ve never repeated that mistake.

It’s a form of courtesy, right? Maybe no one has ever taught the boy with the PSP about it, but unless the middle-aged man was indeed his chauffeur, he should have been seated in the vacant seat. I would hate to think that the man was the boy’s dad.

I hope you’ve highlighted this to your child(ren).

2014 Siqi


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