May 2014

01 Labor Day

Holiday, yey! Simple day spent with the family whereby I sketched a side portrait of DGG.

02 The Amazing Spider Man 2

Freebies overload all thanks to Shinyin! First, we had free food. There was potato salad!!! 😀

 photo IMG_6988_zpsa967f095.jpg

Then, a lucky draw where we won the coffee bean card, followed by the movie itself. Hehe. After which, we spent the card balance on cakes.

 photo 17523ae5-7cf7-4477-86c9-accc3a497615_zpsc3e08ded.jpg

 photo 8c882167-c021-44b6-83a2-4628fa3f4dd0_zps06ff2920.jpg

05 MacDonald’s Spicy Challenge

 photo IMG_7013_zpsc33e3b47.jpg

Bought this at the Metropolis outlet. The waitress was really cute.

Me: Can I have one of each of the spicy challenge burgers?

Her: *widens eyes* You want to eat all at a go??? *sticks out tongue and flaps both hands*

06 I made a really BIG cup

 photo IMG_7015_zpsda812286.jpg

The pen was placed there for comparison purposes. Now, look at the bunch of clay on the left of the wheel. I trimmed off all those from the initial cup, LOL. Can you imagine how big it was? It was so huge that the aunties kept urging me not to trim, but alter it to become a flower pot instead. But no, I was stubborn.

09 IMCB Clean Up Day

I’ve elaborated about it here.

Was supposed to meet up with Weilin and Sok after two years but something cropped up 😦

11 Mothers’ Day!

The day where I met all my friends’ mums on Instagram. HAHAHA. At the flower shop, it wasn’t as busy as the day before. But we still managed to exceed the sales target so our boss treated us to KFC. We were also allowed to bring a bouquet home. So here’s my very happy mum upon receiving her free flowers:

 photo 783e1b25-e34f-4da8-932b-cdf0da8e8d92_zpsd327938f.jpg

That bouquet was really huge! I got so many stares from strangers while lugging it home.

12 Dun dun dun, the very big cup was ruined

 photo IMG_7049_zps8116394f.jpg

A week later, it broke after I spent an hour painstakingly sticking the handle on. All because the cup was already too dry 😦 I was all ready to bunch up the clay and start-over but teacher tried to save it.

 photo IMG_7052_zps5094e57f.jpg

A big cup became half a cup, haha. But in the end, I still smashed it into pieces after bisque-firing because there were a few cracks along the handle. Look where stubbornness got me, tsk 😦

13 Vesak Day

Love, love love public holidays lol. We went for dinner at Kazoukutei and fed binbin some lemon.

 photo 9791b046-7d59-464a-a040-03f24123056d_zpsf26628df.jpg

He liked it.

17 Anna taught me how to make a bouquet with 12 roses

 photo IMG_7082_zps28c31728.jpg

23 Graduation!

 photo IMG_7123_zps5882bc0e.jpg

When I put this up on Instagram with the caption, “Happy Graduation everyone! Peace.”, I really meant it. For the plant featured in the photograph is none other than Spathiphyllum Chopin, or Peace Lily. Hehehe.


 photo IMG_7027_zpsc22be050.jpg

Have been fully utilizing this drawing board. Guess what the little imp was up to!

 photo IMG_7033_zpsd670707d.jpg

That mischievous boy was putting all his books on my legs, LOL!

Do pardon me for the unglam act of putting my legs on the table. That’s just how I behave in my natural habitat (HAHAHA) and also the reason why my brothers always ask me the same question, “Are you sure you are a girl?”.

 photo IMG_7001_zps2dc278f4.jpg

Hypericum Berries

 photo IMG_7170_zpsd889795f.jpg

Finally got my mangosteen fix!

 photo IMG_7086_zpsf9d41d42.jpg

 photo IMG_7160_zpsc413009f.jpg

Peace Lily!

I’ve signed up for the WordPress Writing 101 Challenge too! It’s starting tomorrow, I’m so excited! Do stay tuned for more rubbish coming this way, hur hur.


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  1. […] was alright. Dr Ban acted more like a mentor than a boss. Then came our official Graduation in May and Writing 101 Challenge in June. As an introvert, the crazy schedule (weekdays in the lab and […]


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