Day One: Unlocking the Mind

Today, take twenty minutes to free write. And don’t think about what you’ll write. Just write. And for your first twist? Publish this stream-of-consciousness post on your blog.


Hey. I’ve decided to do this using pen and paper because I’ve realised that typing allows me to “cheat” by backspacing everything and starting all over without a trace or hint that I did. Writing it down, however, does not give this privilege. Haha.

Also, I’m doing this during office hours. Why? Because I can. LOL. Actually it’s because I’ve just stuffed the RT-PCR into the machine so I’ve got two hours to kill.

Anyway, I’ll probably be posting a photo of this as EVIDENCE that I indeed wrote this with my hands. SO. Do pardon my messy handwriting.

The first hour after I received today’s assignment, I was thinking about how I should go about writing it. It has been around seven hours since then, so let’s say that I’ve had ample time formulating my thoughts and I thought that by the time I get to writing this, I would be able to churn everything out perfectly. But no 😦 When I started the timer, my mind went blank. LOL.

I initially wanted to start the post with something interesting . Something like “Pew pew pew!”, so that it would grab people’s attention. But it’s obvious that I didn’t. Hurhur. One reason is because I have no idea how to continue from there (-_-)

Okay, so going back to the reason why I’ve decided to do this entry the traditional way, it’s because I do keep a separate journal of my own and I tend to write freely in it all the time. As if I’m having a conversation with myself. And one would think that by writing whatever your brain is thinking of, the post would have no structure or wouldn’t make sense. But every time after reading through my old journal entries, I am always surprised at what I just read. “Wow, I actually understand what I wrote!” That’s pretty astonishing, considering the fact that my mind jumps all over the place.

I’d say, 20 minutes isn’t such a long time because I’ve many things to write about and my sentences are always very long. So it’s easy peasy for me. But 20 minutes for a good piece of writing is extremely difficult! I am having second thoughts on publishing this already (LOL). This is really embarrassing, like opening up your mind to random strangers on the World Wide Web to explore.

Three minutes left. A shout-out to Victor and Salanne, the two real-life people I know who are doing this with me 😀

Two minutes left. I only saw today’s assignment when I got to the office because it wasn’t on my Reader even though I’ve followed The Daily Post. I wonder why?

The last minute. After “Pew pew pew!”, I thought of starting the post with descriptions of DNA Extraction but scraped the idea almost immediately because I didn’t want to bore everyone to death haha (^v^)”

And… time’s up.


Typed what I wrote because my handwriting is atrocious. Is, because it always is. Here’s the mentioned evidence, haha:



My supervisor just walked past the desktop and stole a glance at the screen I’m typing away at. This screen!!! So ashamed of my own conduct. But that’s no where near the shame of publishing this piece of raw writing. If give myself a Z- for the effort though.


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