Day Three: Come, Sing Along

Today, celebrate three songs that are significant to you.


My first song would probably leave you guys gaping. Or perhaps, making a mental note that this girl’s intelligence quotient is equivalent to, or lower than that of a slug.

The first song that’s significant to me, is none other than The Alphabet Song.


Yes, seriously. This is a really important song for me because, even though I’m twenty this year, I’d still wouldn’t be able to tell you the order of the English alphabet without it. Besides, LMNOP still tangles my tongue sometimes.

My Desired Happiness by Stefanie Sun is my second song.

(Sorry, I could only find a live version but it doesn’t matter. Her live singing is awesome!)


I’m still stumbling about, unsure of how to fit in to this fast-paced world. I think this song describes just what adolescents feel at this stage of their (our) lives. And it leaves me feeling positive about the future as it ends with “幸福,我要的幸福,在不远处”, which translates to “my desired happiness is just around the corner”. It gives me a certain faith.

The last song is a difficult one to blog about. I’ve actually shared it here not long ago. I guess Contradiction (by Hebe Tien) to me, is what the portrait of Dorian is to Basil Hallward. So I mustn’t elaborate.


With that, I’m done with today’s assignment! 🙂


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