Day Six: Someone

Write about the most interesting person you’ve met in 2014. Develop and shape your portrait further in a character study.


Tap… Tap… Tap… Tap tap tap…

The left of a pair of navy flats went.

Having rested her weight on the ball of her right foot, her left was free to tap along to the beat of the music pulsing through grey wires plugged into her ears.

Tap….. tap tap tap tap tap tap…

Navy flats, exposed insteps, skinny-fitted dark-washed denim.

Tap….. tap tap tap tap tap…

Crossing over her torso was her left arm. Under it, a white tank, layered with mulberry-themed plaids, could be seen. The owner of the rhythmic left foot was a young lady in her early twenties. A young lady with her darkly lined eyes being glued to the gadget in her hands. She looks up, towards the digital signboard hanging from a wall a few feet to her right.

Next train: 2 minutes

Just then, a wave of people streamed into the station. I followed her gaze as it shifted from the signboard to the new crowd, sweeping through the various faces with intent, as if someone she knew would be in there. Once the last of the crowd had been ‘scanned’, her eyes returned to the screen in front of her.

Tap… tap tap tap tap…

A minute later, the same procedure.
This time, a tinge of disappointment could be seen written on her face.

“The train approaching Platform A terminates at Dhoby Ghaut Interchange.”

As people poured out of the train, she screened each of their faces. Finally, upon clearance of the crowd, I noticed a subtle shake of her head before she boarded.


Character-building? Oh well, I tried 😦

What was the lady expecting? Guess we’ll never know.


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