Day Eleven: Home

Tell us about the home you lived in when you were twelve. Vary your sentence lengths.


There’s a difference between a house and a home.

I’ve been living in the same house since forever. So, it’s hard recalling what it was like when I was twelve. I guess the biggest difference about it is that DGG’s room is now mine, and that the bed in EGG’s room is now in DGG’s house.

Now, more about my twelve year old home.

It consists of a very skinny mum, a very skinny DGG, a very skinny EGG, and a slightly plump Siqi. Although our appearances have changed drastically since then, my family is still pretty much the same. Except for the addition of two new members – SJJ & BB.

Every night, we’ll gather around our majestic marble dining table for a home-cooked meal prepared by my mum. Without fail. We’ll share with one another about our day and stuff like that throughout dinner. Well actually, I’m the one spewing rubbish non-stop all the time and DGG used to criticize my severe case of verbal diarrhea. But you know, that’s all in the job description of being the youngest in the family. I think I did (and am still doing) a great job. HA!

This dinner routine thingy has been in place in our home since before I was born.

I do hope it’ll never stop.


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