Day Ten: Happy Tastebuds with Every Strand

Today, be inspired by a favorite childhood meal. For the twist, focus on infusing the post with your unique voice — even if that makes you a little nervous.


Rice might be my staple, but noodles are the true love of my life. Those who know me will know that I’m strictly a noodle person. I absolutely adore noodles. In fact, I worship them. So much so that I had had the title, “Natural Noodle Predator” bestowed upon me once.

Well... worship might not be the proper word to use after all.

Well… worship might not be the proper word to use after all.

Since there’s not a particular dish to which I can attribute a joyous occasion, and it being impossible to pick out only ONE, I figured I’d do a feature on ALL of my favourite noodles! 😀

Ban Mian


This flour-based noodle is my comfort food to go every time I step foot into an unfamiliar place, as it is so common you can literally find it in any food-court or kopitiam (coffee shop). I’ve been eating this soupy dish for lunch every single weekday in the past three months (hahaha). I just love how it is able to keep my tummy warm and fuzzy despite its simplicity.

Wanton Mee


I prefer my egg-noodles served dry, with fried wantons (dumplings) and chilli. Ever since I started working at the flower shop, I’ve been searching for affordable food in the mall. The prices in Food Republic are just ridiculous, and fast food is definitely not the way to go! Being the lucky girl that I am, I have discovered one of the best wanton mee ever there. The Old Pontian Cafe serves wanton mee so chewy they’ll bounce in your mouth! And I believe there’s something special in their sauce (Heroin, perhaps? LOL, I kid) because I’ve been hooked ever since my first meal there 🙂

Bak Chor Mee

Photo 29-6-14 1 05 00 pm

The minced meat, or fishball noodle is another favourite. As a kid, I used to have it served in tomato sauce. After growing up, however, I got upgraded to the spicy version of these fantastic strands.

Hokkien Mee


Yellow mee and thick beehoon stir-fried with prawns, sotong (squids) and eggs. I love my mum’s version the most!

Lor Mee


Need I say more? 😀

Heh Mee


It’s kind of funny that even though I love eating this, I hate the prawns in them. One time, when my friends and I went for lunch at a hawker centre near our school, I ordered prawn mee without prawns. The Uncle looked at me as if I was out of my mind. His wife then asked if I did not have enough money. Hah!

There are so many more but I shall have to stop or else this post would never end. I’m so glad I was born in Singapore where there are SO many varieties for me to choose from. I love my country ❤


2 thoughts on “Day Ten: Happy Tastebuds with Every Strand

  1. Reading this in the middle of the night made me hungry! 😦 I’ve heard there are loads of delicious food from Singapore! Hope I could visit one day. 🙂


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