Photo 13-7-14 11 49 13 am

The nicest thing happened to me yesterday! 🙂

At the flower shop, a lady came in looking for a bouquet.

One of the ready-made ones in the cooler caught her eye.

Orange roses, champagne eustomas, forget-me-nots, purple wax flowers, baby’s breath

She requested for the roses to be changed to shocking pink, paid, and went shopping. 30 minutes later just as I was putting the finishing touches on her bouquet, she returned.

“Wow, that’s so pretty!” she pointed to the blooms in my hands, “Oh, but that’s not mine right?” she then wandered further into the shop looking for ‘her bouquet’.

For a moment, I stood perplexed, with her flowers in hand.

“Ah, but this is yours,” I finally presented it to her with a smile, after like forty-nine seconds.

What happened next was like a dream.

“But this is SO pretty!” she exclaimed, almost on the verge of tears (?)

She thanked me profusely and even gave me a hug before leaving! As if that wasn’t already enough, she returned once again after a while to pass me some candies (featured above) and proceeded to shower upon me all sorts of compliments, making me blush \(o^-^o”)/

Little does she know that I am probably more thankful for her actions and kind words than she is for the arrangement. Thank you :’)


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