Day Thirteen: Found Some, Broke Some

Today, write about finding something. View Day Four’s post and today’s post as installments in a series.


“Thank you Mrs Ngain,” the class bowed.

Was that a smirk?


What did it mean?

The answers to those questions, Primary Two straw-headed Siqi never found out. Twelve years later, her wiser older self had only two explanations.

The first. She was being such a sufferable snobbish show-off, that the disappearance of the flaunted item was a delight to Brenda.

The second. Brenda was the one who stole it.

Of course, the truth was never found out about. But whatever the case, there was one thing that she found that day which has remained in her ever since.

That sometimes even friends cannot be trusted.

Brenda, oh Brenda. How are you going to fix what you’ve broke?

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