June 2014

Caution: This post is all about meeeeeeeee! Hehehe!

02 Writing 101

It’s been more than a month since the writing challenge started and… I’m still nowhere near the end (^-^”) It has been fun though, reading various posts by other bloggers and meeting (virtually, of course) fellow Singaporeans on WordPress.

07 I might have green fingers, hehe

It was relatively quiet at the flower shop when I reached in the afternoon so Anna decided to teach me how to pot some plants. It’s super easy and fun!

 photo 4caf42bd-52cc-498a-a65c-f6f7a90dd84a_zps4e9e62d7.jpg

Peperomia Rotundifolia (or Obtusifolia? I’m not too sure which)

09 Back to School

Made a trip back to SP during lunch hour to collect my transcript. I was so looking forward to eating my favourite cai fan (mixed vegetable rice) from FC2 but was met with disappointment after walking all the way there despite the scorching heat to find it closed as it was the school holidays. Awh man. Settled for the zha jiang mian (bean paste noodles) at FC3 eventually.

 photo IMG_3963_zpsb5991a97.jpg

Also one of my faves 😀

12 Meet-up with Toing

Min was supposed to join us but she had to work overtime at the last minute, so a date with Toing it was.

13 Friday Thirteen

Turned out to be a good day. Had an impromptu sumptuous dinner at 2D1N Sojubang with Jo and Jing. Kimchi pancakes are soooooo goood! And side dishes too!

14 Family Lunch

EGG came back from Beijing (& Medan) for a short while and we went for a buffet at Man Heng Restaurant at Boon Keng before he went back again. EGG, Tiwi & I reached the restaurant earlier and we asked the manager, “Which are your signature dishes?”. He then pointed to the menu that we were holding and replied coolly, “It’s all there”. I just couldn’t stop laughing afterwards. HAHAHA. Anyway, it was a typical chinese eight-course meal kind of buffet where you can order as many dishes as you want. In my opinion, it was pretty worth the price if you’re a big-eater.

19 Maleficent

Another impromptu outing with my childhood buds. It was a mad rush though because experiments ended slightly later that day and I had to fly to the mall to get tickets before it was sold out. Upon reaching the cinema, however, I was told that NETS were not accepted and I didn’t have sufficient cash on me (oh boy). So I went all the way back to the basement where the ATMs are, and on my way there, my flats died on me (!!!) Limped my way to BHG where I bought a new pair of shoes under 5 minutes. So lucky to have the flats dying in a mall. It was a good movie nevertheless, enjoyed the time spent with Jing & Sean 🙂

20 Victor’s Birthday Party

 photo ba7b89fc-2331-49c0-9cb3-bbdf59ad88b1_zps543ba13e.png

I was ‘coerced’ into attending. LOL. But am glad that I was.

 photo 57f41182-edd1-4256-94b7-a4ec2246a141_zpsbaae65d1.png

Ta-da! Stole this from Salanne.

22 Ahmah’s Birthday Party

There were fewer people this year because xiaogu’s family was visiting Nigel in London and only half of dagu’s family came as they had other functions to attend. As usual, zipek was having the time of his life at the karaoke machine and we were served good food throughout the night.

 photo IMG_7268_zps91c2aeb9.jpg

Orh Nee (Yam Paste Dessert) – Teochew delight my grandmother loves, and a must-have every year 🙂

28 Anna’s Farewell Dinner

We had pizza and drumlets in the flower shop (lol) as a farewell dinner for Anna. I finally met Auntie Kim (from the main office) that day. I’d miss Anna (not her constant nagging though, teehee!), she was a good mentor.

29 Transformers

Three hours in the cinema. I almost fell asleep if not for the thunderous sounds from all the fight scenes. I think the first movie was still the best.

In conclusion, June was a month of food and celebration. You can’t separate the two I guess.

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