Day Fifteen: Can I retire already?

Think about an event you’ve attended and loved. Imagine you’re told it will be cancelled forever or taken over by an evil corporate force. How does that make you feel?


I can’t think of any. Seriously.

I never liked attending any events because I’m a socially awkward introvert. My entire family calls me 宅女 (zhai nv), which translates literally to “home girl”, which means that I take immense pleasure in staying cooped up at home.


Look! My cousin even got me a badge certifying my 宅-ness.

When asked, “What do you want to do after you retire?”, most people would give answers like, “I want to travel the world!!!!!!!!!!”. I am not most people. Sure, I’d like to see different parts of the world and experience first-hand just how small we all are. But the idea of having to pack, leaving the house, going through airport customs, being stranded with so many human beings 30,000 feet above sea level, going through airport customs again and having to unpack just puts me off. I have not a single adventurous neuron in me at all (^-^”)

My idea of retirement is simple. Draw, paint, paste, read, cook, sew, write, arrange some flowers, throw some pots… I just want to stay home (lol) and create. Is that too much to ask for?

I don’t know why, but going out simply strips me of my mental chakra. These few months of juggling two jobs have been so bad, I haven’t been able to start on any new books at all. So I went back to seeking solace in the magical world of Harry Potter. The HP books are my form of escape (hurhur, I sound so cliché).

September can’t come quickly enough.


2 thoughts on “Day Fifteen: Can I retire already?

  1. You know, I couldn’t think of any, either! I ended up writing about Mother’s Day and made the whole post into a story about how my sister and I made the best mother’s day ever, a long time ago.

    I totally get what you’re saying — I sometimes wonder if I’m immune to cabin fever. Home is so nice. Draw, paint, paste, read, cook, sew, write, arrange some flowers, throw some pots…that sounds lovely. But I’m a weird mix. I’m a total introverted homebody, but I still love making plans to get together with friends (just the close ones), traveling the world, skydiving, white water rafting. My thirst for adventure and love for home sometimes clash, though, and I end up in a foreign country cooped up in my hotel room because I’m too nervous to venture out!


    • Yes, I’ve read your entry! It’s so sweet of you and your sister to make such elaborate plans for your mum. It’s no wonder you girls can’t top it off with something even better, haha.

      “Too nervous to venture out”

      Sounds like me if I were alone in a foreign country too. You could start by exploring areas near your hotel. Baby steps 🙂


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