A ride, up and down we go


This place is slowing becoming somewhere I come to lament about my unsatisfactory lifestyle and then do absolutely nothing about it (unless you count writing as something). I do apologise for it. But this is, after all, a personal blog, and recent events haven’t been all rainbows and unicorns ya’ know!

Last night, I sneaked a peek into the life I could have had but, for certain reasons, did not. Not that it has ever been any good, but I’ve got to say, my socialising skills have gotten to an all-time low. As if afraid that they might see through my almost non-existent soul and spot an ugly lowly creature with confidence levels crashing into the negative scale, I can’t even look people in the eye anymore. Hah.

The grass is always greener on the other side. Haven’t we all heard this saying a million times? How would I be happy (or happier) if I were there instead of over here?

Not that nice things haven’t been happening. It’s just, negative emotions are much easier to transcript as compared to positive ones. And I have only myself to blame for being too weak not to succumb to this natural, but vicious rule.


Speaking of nice things, the sweet lady I met at the flower shop (her name’s Malorie) entrusted her friend, Bex’s wedding bouquet to me last month. I’m glad and very much relieved to hear that my amateur skills did not disappoint! Many thanks to Malorie and Bex for putting so much faith in me when I didn’t even have trust in myself.

It’s pretty unusual for people to cry their way home after what’s supposed to be a nice “TGIF” dinner with their friends.

Question is, since when have I ever been normal?


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