In Technicolor

Lately, I’ve resorted to shuffling songs on Spotify in an attempt to increase the excitement level in my otherwise mundane life. And it’s turned out to be pretty exciting after all.

I spotted “In Technicolor – Jesse McCartney” while scrolling through the New Releases last week. The name rang a bell in my head and brought me back in time to a CD shop where Toing was telling me about how she was reminiscing about her childhood days by listening to his songs. Back in the present, I then clicked on the Shuffle button as pop music filled my ears. I liked most of what I heard so I’ve been repeatedly shuffling the same playlist for the next few days.

Two days later, when daiqian and I were at Jurong Point, the song “Just So You Know” started playing. The voice and melody sounded familiar and I could recognise it as something I’ve just heard recently.

Me: Do you know Jesse McCartney? This is a song from his latest album!

Daiqian: Huh, no? This is a very old song. I’m sure of it, I’ve heard it since we’re in primary school!

Me: ???

Ok, let me explain. Basically what happened was that I’ve been shuffling ALL Jesse’s songs instead of only those in his latest album. And having never listened to him previously in my younger days, unlike what all my friends have been doing then because I was too busy listening to 80’s music, I didn’t even realise I’ve been listening to all his old tracks as well (._.”)

What I’ve gathered from this incident is that I’ve got a really HUGE generation gap with people from my own generation, and In Technicolor is an awesome album.

Here’s one of my favourites:

And Superbad’s so catchy I can’t get it out of my head, hehe.


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