Visual aids

Poorly taken but better than nothing.


Say hi to Mr. Caterpillar, a friend I made at the flower shop. He was rescued by June and Cheryl about a month ago.


I did my best to keep him alive with eustoma leaves. And cleaning up his artificial habitat after his pooping all over the place.


But when I went back to the shop two weeks later, he and his box were nowhere to be found. I think he died.

RIP, Mr. Caterpillar.

In the lab a few weeks ago, Melanie and I thawed all three of the -20 degree Celsius freezers in our lab.


The first day of our somewhat major operation, we happily left the freezer to thaw while we went for lunch.


A flood greeted us after our break and there was no time for photographs.


The amount of ice left after four hours. Our freezers really needed a deep defrosting. I even built a snowman. Sort of.


Of course, he was gone the day after.

RIP, Mr. Frosty.

Whilst packing the freezers, I stumbled upon a box of my FYP proteins.


Oh, the memories. How many months did it take for me to painstakingly grow up these cells, extract their proteins, quantitate and dilute them! And in just two minutes, they were being tossed into the biohazard bin and sent for autoclaving 😥

RIP, proteins.

I took an online anxiety test the other day and…


RIP, tranquility.

Perhaps you’ll come back to me at the end of next week.

Anyway, after being exposed to Jesse McCartney’s music, I’m now totally hooked and am fan-girling ten years late, hohoho!


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